Google Buzz, Day One

February 10, 2010

Google has practically ‘infinite’ resources, an amazing, scalable infrastructure and smart people. Buzz was the obvious next  step for them combining:

*Google Latitute (which is probably going to join Lively and Jaiku soon),

*Google Wave (didn’t get the traction),

* Google Profiles,

* Google Places (which was obviously a pre-cursor to this, competing with Yelp)

* Gmail

* Mobile-browser ‘Near Me Now’ feature on

Well done:

1) Mobile version is browser-based and well-done. The future of mobile functionality is not ‘apps’, it is definitely ‘browser-based’. No one will download an app to look at some photos or check a reservation, too much friction. (Try adding any mobile homepage to your homescreen as a shortcut to get the same ‘app-launching’ effect ).

2) Haven’t tried the Android Google Maps integration but, again, that was the obvious next step for Google to have a social layer.

3) Yahoo launched a similar product last year, but nobody stood up and took notice like this. So good job hitting at the right time with a well thought-out web and mobile stack.

4) Gmail integration. ( Need Google Apps integration too, obviously).

5) Fine-grained privacy settings.

6) Asymmetrical following structure.

7) Voice-recognition integration. Decreases the friction of publishing more data while on the go.

Needs work:

1) Need the “Import from Twitter / Facebok” feature and Buzz needs to do a better job of ‘suggesting’ friends. ( Orkut integration is suspiciously missing from this section as well)

2) The post layout, ‘like’ and commenting system is an exact copy from Facebook. Need more innovation there.

3) Need OpenID access. Why is this open to only Gmail users?

4) Being able to post to Buzz and have that trickle to all my other accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn mainly).

5) Need Google Toolbar integration, so I can post a link from any website with a click.

Google usually just tracks usage and other analytics and pulls the plug if there’s not enough traction. I hope they continue building this product, as it is not there yet but will definitely be another powerful social media tool for users. I especially like its ‘utility’ aspects.


3 Responses to “Google Buzz, Day One”

  1. I totally agree with the first item on the well done list. jqtouch, a jquery plugin, imitates the native iphone effects and gives you a great point to start.

  2. I didn’t realize Google Wave was already over. I was still excited about it!

  3. Thanks for your comments

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